I. B. linkings. Translations and interpretatriato in Bologna. We provide translation services for conferences, technical translations of websites with professional translators. iblinkings is a dynamic that since 2004 providing translation and interpretation services for businesses and professionals working abroad. IBLinkings Translations is an agency of translators and interpreters from the very young and dynamic, formed by native speakers and bilingual graduates in relevant business, legal, technical, medical, scientific and engineering that allow you to fully satisfy the customer's needs, both in terms of languages ​​"worked", and from that the quality of service, guaranteed precisely by sectoral specialization of the translators. translation information. The precision and accuracy of the translations are central to the philosophy of the agency, which believes above all in the real translation, timely and reliable document that is responsible. The quality of the document produced as well as his fidelity to the original text, then, is our top priority and that is what we work meticulously day after day. Reliability, high quality, speed and fidelity in the translation of a text are the strengths of IBLinkings, whose goal is to help its customers to conquer international markets through the written disclosure of the product offered. Interpreting all over the country - Provision of hostesses, stewards and promoters The ultimate goal of IBLinkings Translations is to get our customers to make contact with foreign partners with whom to establish a network of solid business relationships. For each of these areas, and their related industries, is a group of translators with expertise in those disciplines. Many of them are professionals who have advanced degrees in law, medicine, chemistry, engineering and / or other foreign countries, and which therefore have the most profound and detailed technical knowledge related to these fields.

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