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Technical, scientific, legal, translations from tape, advertising [... ]


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The translations we handle belong mainly to the fields listed below:

Technical translations:
Installation, user and maintenance manuals of industrial machinery, technical and safety charts, reports and projects, catalogues, glossaries.

Scientific translations:
Scientific studies and research, publications of text, scientific literature.

Legal translations
Establishment of companies, contracts, corporate documents, minutes, negotiations, sales, proxies.

Sworn and certified translations:
expert reports, patents, separation, divorce and adoptions documents, certificates, powers of attorney, diplomas and other titles, translations from tape.

Advertising translations:
announcements, leaflets, brochures, pamphlets, corporate prospectus, presentations, catalogues, cinema and televisions scripts.

Commercial translations:
Correspondence, products and services offers, ISO certifications, business agreements, franchises.

Medical translations:
Scientific articles, clinical charts, medical-pharmaceutical material, dentistry, orthopaedic equipment, hospital equipment.

Literary translations:
Articles, magazines, press releases/communications, art catalogues.

Information technology translations:
Software programmes and web sites, e-commerce.
A group of translators specialized in those subjects corresponds to each of these fields, and their relative branches. Many of them are in fact professionals who have earned degrees in jurisprudence, medicine, chemistry, engineering and/or others abroad, and who therefore have the most in-depth and detailed technical knowledge relative to these fields.

The increase in the number of translators and their specialities consequently provides a constant increase in the sectors in which we operate. And efficiency.