A wide network of interpreters distributed over the entire country [.... ]


Technical, scientific, legal, translations from tape, advertising [... ]


Supply of qualified, carefully selected hostesses, stewards and promoters [.... ]


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Czech – Croatian – Danish – French – Greek – English – Catalan – Dutch – Polish – Portuguese – Slovak – Spanish – Swedish - German

American – Armenian – Bengalese – Brazilian – Bulgarian – Georgian – Estonian – Latvian – Lithuanian – Moldavian – Romanian – Russian – Serb – Slovenian – Ukrainian - Hungarian


Arab – Chinese – Korean – Farsi – Japanese – Indonesian – Malaysian – Mongolian – Pashto – Persian – Turkish – Urdu – Vietnamese

Method of work
All the translations are supervised by a project manager who creates teams of translators to distribute the translation load and who interacts with the customer meeting all their needs in order to create an extremely personalized end product.
 Once the field is identified to which the translation applies, the project manager selects the most specialized translator with the greatest experience so that the translation is done in the most correct and accurate way possible. Usually the same translator always handles the same type of translation, which allows a faithful transposition which reflects perfectly the significance of the original text.

The work can be delivered progressively or upon completion, depending on the needs of the customer. In both cases, before being delivered to the customer, the translation is reviewed at least 3 times by one or more mother-tongue proofreaders, who verify that the text translated reflects the original in the best possible way not only in terms of content but also in terms of format. The cross-check by several proofreaders is the final tool that refines even more the quality of the translation.
In order to guarantee compliance with the terminology used by each customer, personalized, and constantly updated, glossaries are created and made available.
At the end of the proofreading, the translated document is delivered to the customer by the deadline previously agreed on and in accordance with the methods selected by the customer (via email, post, fax, express courier, CD-Rom). After having delivered the translation, the manager contacts the customer to get their opinion of the work produced by I.B. Linkings. The process ends with the filing of the processed document, which remains available to the client for one year.