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Language services do not apply to translations alone. I.B.Linkings makes available to the customer an interpreting service in order to deal in the best way possible with their business meetings with foreign customers, conventions, commercial negotiations or trade shows. The agency has created a wide network of interpreters over the entire country in order to be able to operate easily on a vast scale. The interpreters that the agency makes available to the customer are highly qualified mother-tongue or bilingual professionals, with degrees in foreign languages and specialized in our sector, with considerable interpreting experience.

The interpreting services are basically the following:

CONSECUTIVE: The interpreter listens and translates passages to the customer of what is being said by the counterparty.

NEGOTIATION: The interpreter listens and translates informally to small groups of people.

CHUCHOTAGE [whispered interpreting]: The interpreter listens and translates passages whispering the translation into the ear of the interested party.

The interpreter can be consulted at any time for clarifications.
The selection of bilingual or mother-tongue interpreters is done with the objective of meeting the exacting needs that we receive from our customers. During a presentation at a trade show, or a business meeting between two foreign parties it is in fact absolutely crucial and of primary importance to be able to translate a speech from one language to the other without ever allowing a “key word” or a “common saying” to be overlooked, allowing the speakers to reach a commercial agreement.

Depending on the type of subject which will be handled, the most specialized interpreter with the greatest experience in that field is selected. In each case, the interpreter studies in advance the related terms and/or subjects which could be specifically discussed. Most of the interpreters know at least 3 different languages, so that they are capable of handling crossed translation between different languages.