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Supply of qualified, carefully selected hostesses, stewards and promoters [.... ]


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Hostessen and promoters



The I.B.Linkings agency will little by little increase the sectors in which it operates, branching into different services depending on the needs of the business. The requests of the individual customers merged with the professionalism matured over the years, gave impetus to the creation and development of new areas of expertise to meet the most varied demands of the market. Today, after having gained great expertise and experience in the fields of trade shows and company meetings, the agency is active and present at the national and international level in the supply of qualified, carefully selected hostesses, stewards and promoters.
The areas in which the hostesses and stewards operate are:
Congresses, trade shows, conferences, cultural events, events of various kinds, trips. The staff made available has an excellent knowledge of at least two foreign languages and considerable experience in terms of customer assistance. For every need an ad hoc solution is studied.
The promoters offer cooperation for commercial promotions in:
Mass retailing, in store promotions, focused customer visits for the launch and promotion of products, inaugurations and openings of various commercial activities. The promotions are controlled in every single phase which is divided as follows:

  • Commercial request
  • Study and design of the service
  • Selection of the staff
  • Briefing and assistance
  • Implementation of the service
  • Final report

Each step of this process is aimed at providing efficacy to the strategy and enacting promotional implementation. In this regard, the selection of the staff, based on criteria of careful evaluation of their experience, professionalism, education and character, plays an important role.