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In a world that is more and more global, the few barriers that remain still standing among men are only language ones.

This “obstacle” to the complete fusion of different peoples, civilization and cultures is the source of in-depth studies and language research that today are made available to all sectors of life to facilitate the process of communication and interaction among men.

I.B.Linkings Translations, in this context, offers itself as intermediary to promote and facilitate the development of the international relations of companies with their customers of every nationality and culture.

I.B.Linkings Translations is a very dynamic agency of young translators and interpreters, composed of mother-tongue and bilingual professionals with degrees in the business, law, technical, medical, scientific and engineering fields which allow them to satisfy fully every need of the Customer both from the point of view of the languages “worked”, and from that of quality of services, guaranteed in fact by the sector specialization of the translators.
The ultimate goal of I.B.Linkings Translations is to allow our Customers to get in touch with foreign partners with whom to establish a network of solid commercial relations.
I.B.Linkings Translations & Interpreting Agency is a dynamic agency which since 2004 has been providing translation and interpreting services to companies and professionals working abroad, using highly qualified mother-tongue and bilingual translators and interpreters who have earned degrees and specialization degrees in Italy or abroad and who stay continuously updated professionally in their specialization field.
Reliability, high quality, speed and fidelity in the translation of a text constitute the strong points of I.B.Linkings, whose objective is to help their clients conquer international markets through the written publication of the product offered.

The precision and accuracy of the translation is the basis of the agency’s philosophy, which believes above all in the actual, accurate and reliable translation of the documents which it is entrusted with. The quality of the document produced as well as its fidelity to the original document is therefore our absolute priority and is what we work for painstakingly day after day.